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Micro Video Borescope MICRON USB
Company: Fiberscope.net
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Phone: 877.613.2210
Our MICRON USB Video Borescope represents one of the smallest videoscopes in the world. Only 1mm in diameter, it can enter and inspect bores as small as 1.1mm. Covered with black ETFE coating, these probes deliver 400x400 pixel images to our special tablet or a separate screen. The probes range from 1m(3.2ft) to 3m(9.8ft) in length and come in 1mm(0.0394") or 1.95mm(0.0767") diameters. Equipped with a CMOS chip with a 30fps rate, these probes provide 90 FOV and have a 3mm to 50mm focal range. The control box has a built-in LED source and can be connected to a separate tablet or computer with a HDMI output or a USB 3.0. An optional configuration with a tablet is available. With all these features combined into one unit, the MICRON USB Micro Video Borescope is the best micro videoscope for inspecting tiny parts, bores, and cracks.
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