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VOYAGER C40 Micro Borescope Camera
Company: Fiberscope.net by Medit Inc
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Address1: 1599 Dugald Rd
City: Winnipeg
State: Manitoba
Country: Canada
Phone: 18776132210
Fiberscope.net has presented an ultra-thin probe for the popular borescope, VOYAGER C40. With a total length of 1m and a micro diameter of 1.3mm, this metal braided non-articulating probe broadens the possibilities of the VOYAGER C40 Borescope.
VOYAGER C40 is a compact, handheld borescope camera with advanced software and interchangeable probe design. With a 1.3mm insertion probe, VOYAGER C40 displays 640x480 resolution images and videos. The trigger button under the forefinger makes capturing photos and videos easy and fast. Other features include strong illumination, a 3.5" LCD Monitor, and real-time zoom.
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