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MapROVER Scanner
Company: Evident
Sturdy and reliable, the motorized MapROVER scanner eases and increases the productivity of two-axis scanning for corrosion monitoring applications. Using phased array (PA) ultrasonic technology, the MapROVER system with its robust and easy-to-read touch-screen remote controller simplifies your inspection, eliminating the need for a laptop or complex motor controller programming. Capable of automated PA corrosion mapping around the circumferences of pipes and flat surfaces, the MapROVER scanner’s stable single-motor 4-wheel drive reduces drift to acquire high-quality inspection data with ease.
A versatile system, different MapROVER configurations are possible depending on your needs. A combined MapROVER and HydroFORM™ corrosion mapping system offers a powerful and efficient solution, enabling PA imaging of remaining wall thickness and midwall anomalies. For high-temperature applications, the MapROVER HT scanner is equipped with a cooling system that enables automated corrosion mapping on surfaces as hot as 350°C (662 °F). Implement advanced techniques such as the total focusing method (TFM) with a MapROVER and OmniScan X3 configuration or opt for a dependable and cost-effective conventional dual UT inspection using our OmniScan™ SX acquisition unit.
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