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Pan and Tilt Drain Camera iSnake
Company: Fiberscope.net by MeditInc
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Address1: 1-1599 Dugald Rd
City: Winnipeg
State: Manitoba
Country: Canada
Phone: 1-877-613-2210
A brand new unit, the iSnake camera contains an ultra-high-resolution, micro-rotatable camera head designed to grab exceptional image quality, especially in close-ranged objects. All controls are within easy reach with no moving parts, from the 1.3-inch rotary head camera to entire 360 movement, 180 side-to-side tilt right down to one-touch manual focus set-up. No moving parts leave nothing to loosen or break, and a portable battery drives the entire camera unit, making convenient location use possible. Inside its rugged metal frame is an 8-inch monitor that provides for time, date, textual, and counter measurements to display information in real-time. This configuration is ideal for small line, lateral, and secondary inspects, as well as junctions from small diameter lines with limited access space.

iSnake camera, therefore, is used in practical applications like inspecting the plumbing systems installed in houses and business areas. It's possible to identify ground blocks or defects in secondary drains, thus doing maintenance inspections.

This is a flexible camera with a jointed push cable that can be 30 meters long. This device can service pipe applications with a diameter from 2 to 12 inches. Moreover, the camera can take snapshots along with videos for deep recording of the whole inspection process. Therefore, this patented design of the iSnake camera made it a breakthrough solution in the area of complete inspections of small-diameter pipelines, side laterals, or wall inspections. Fiberscope offers this great innovation in inspection technology at an affordable price level; affordability means it is financially feasible without over-claiming by the features. But due to feature-innovative substance combined with user-friendly design, an intake camera meets the best of requirements that a professional in the plumbing industry can expect from his inspection tool.

High-Resolution Imaging: Equipped with micro-rotatable camera heads for high-quality close-range shots. 1.3" rotary head camera with 360 movement and 180 side-tilt. User-Friendly Features: One-touch, manual-focus setup for precise imaging. Portable and battery-driven for easy use in various locations. Integrated Display: 8" monitor included for real-time information display. Displays time, date, text, and counter measurements. Versatility: Suitable for pipes ranging from 2" to 12" in diameter. Ideal for minor pipe inspections, secondary and lateral lines, and small-diameter lines. Durability: Rugged metal frame ensures durability in tough environments. Recording Capabilities: Allows for snapshots and video recording during inspections
High-Resolution Imaging: Micro-rotatable camera heads capture clear, detailed close-range shots. 1.3" rotary head with 360 movement and 180 side-tilt for comprehensive views. User-Friendly Operation: One-touch, manual-focus setup for precise adjustments. Integrated 8" monitor for real-time display of time, date, text, and counter measurements. Portability and Durability: Battery-driven unit housed in a rugged metal frame, ensuring portability and toughness. Versatility: Compatible with 2" to 12" diameter pipes, suitable for various inspection tasks. 30-meter (98-foot) flexible push cable enhances reach and flexibility. Recording Capabilities: Supports snapshots and video recording for thorough documentation.
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