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Company: PRAGMA
Address1: 6500 rue Zéphirin-Paquet
Address2: Suite 300
City: Québec
State: QC
Country: Canada
Phone: +1 418 260-9088
Portable NDE 4.0 Instrument Platform

The PragmaFlex is the world’s first portable NDE 4.0 instrument platform, running Pragma3D software embedded. The key word is Flex for flexibility. The platform supports one or two of several modalities to choose from: UT, PAUT, ECT, ECA, bond testing and micro-topography.

Aiming at the integration of tools, test methods and digital technologies, this sets the stage for new breakthroughs in nondestructive testing.

With a powerful CPU, wide diversity of peripherals and Windows IoT operating system, it has ample resources to accommodate the most challenging applications.
- Multi-Modality: able to support one or two of several modalities to choose from: UT, PAUT, ECT, ECA, etc. - Wide Bright Screen: ultrawide 12.3” WXGA screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio, with best-in-class automotive-grade brightness and viewing angle. - Dual Keypad: outer silicone rubber keypad with backlight featuring tactile feedback / ideal for harsh conditions, plus inner QWERTY keyboard enabling rapid entry of Files Names, Report Content and more. - Touch-Enabled: capacitive touch technology under scratchproof chemically-enhanced glass with high tolerance to UT couplant, dirt and other contaminants. - Powerful Computer Platform: well-balanced CPU in terms of power consumption, performance, GPU capability and RAM, similar to high-performance engineering laptops. - Multiple Peripherals: multiple connectors to interface with: 4x USB type A, 1x HDMI, 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x Audio 2.5mm Headphone+mic, 1x Power In/Out, 1x GPIO. - Compact: CNC-machined aluminium enclosure, for durability and heat dissipation.
- Seamless integration with market-leading 6DOF positioning devices like Hexagon’s CMM arms and laser trackers for full 3D data acquisition. - Supports Microsoft Hololens for an immersive user experience and allowing remote inspection capability. - Built-in joystick controler for magwheel crawlers and XY scanners. - The PragmaFlex is modular and ready to supports multiple modalities: UT, PAUT, ECT, ECA and other advanced NDT methods.
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