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Company: PRAGMA
Address1: 6500 rue Zéphirin-Paquet
Address2: Suite 300
City: Québec
State: Québec
Country: Canada
Phone: +1 418 260-9088
Remote-Control Instrument Platform for Advanced NDT

For Scanner-Mounting, Robot-Mounting, Automation and R&D

The PragmaPod platform is ideally suited for the most demanding system integrators. It features all the I/O interfaces and ruggedness for industrial use, and its small size allow for new capabilities.

With FPGA Ethernet communications and no CPU in the way, the data acquisition bandwidth is maximized allowing super-fast inspection speeds.
- Compact: CNC-machined aluminium enclosure, for durability and fanless operation. - Connectors for Industrial Use: rugged twist-lock connectors for durability in the field or in the factory. - Self-Cooling: active cooling thanks to a fan-based heat exchanger, completely sealed without any air or water inlet. - High-Speed and Low Latency: very fast data throughput thanks to Gigabit Ethernet or 10Gigabit Fiber (optional), and low-latency thanks to direct FPGA implementation. - Multi-Modal: the platform can welcome the docking of several available cartridges for a choice of modality: UT, PAUT, ECT, ECA, etc. - Alarms: the platform feaures four LEDs and a loud buzzer to provide status information.
- Light enough to be mounted on a magnetic-wheel scanner, to simplify the umbilical. - Ideal to mount on a robot forearm, to keep the NDT probe cable short and prevent electrical noise. - Ideal for system integration: heavy-duty twist-lock connectors and integrated fan for heat-exchanger cooling (no air inlet). - The PragmaPod is modular and ready to support several cartridges for UT, PAUT, ECT, ECA and other advanced NDT methods.
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