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Company: PRAGMA
Address1: 6500 rue Zéphirin-Paquet
Address2: Suite 300
City: Québec
State: QC
Country: Canada
Phone: +1 418 260-9088
Next-Generation Software for Advanced Nondestructive Testing

Pragma3D is the result of more than 25 years of experience in NDT. It creates a pathway to become the "SolidWorks® of NDT", combining the ease of use of a modern CAD software GUI with advanced 3D features. The goal is to empower the entire NDT community, from NDT trainees to the most experienced Level IIIs.

Pragma3D makes data fusion a reality accessible to everyone, and spearheads the convergence of NDT with metrology, thanks to PRAGMA’s strategic partnership with Hexagon®.
- Simple, Intuitive GUI Workflow toolbars, tree structure, 3D workspace, integrated help and agent support. - CAD File Import/Export Import and export files in various formats like DXF, STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ, XYZ. - Pipe & Weld Wizard Create plates, pipes and welds simply with real-time parametric 3D view. - Meshing High-quality meshes can be created from any volumetric or surface primitive. Meshes can also be imported directly. - Data Mapping Gate Data and Volumetric Data can be mapped on meshes, surfaces or in the volume. - Analysis Moving cursors straight in 3D and synchronized with 2D traditional views. And vice-versa. - Reporting Template editing and saving reports in PDF, HTML. Also possible to connect with databases. - NDE 4.0 and Cloud-ready Versatile file management system for local and on-demand cloud-based data upload/download.
- Our powerful 3D analytical engine allows for high-precision ray tracing simulations of UT/PAUT beams, focal law computation, coverage, etc. This is ideal for procedure and inspection development. - Pragma3D supports laser scans and meshing imports from various vendors, and point cloud can be imported/exported and even extracted from NDT data. - You can prepare your probe scanning on guides, then proceed with offline motion programming and execution with a robot or scanner. - Pragma3D allows for direct 3D measurements and tagging, just like in metrology software. A Table of Indications is automatically filled in as you go, ready for review and reporting at any time.
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