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The Product and Service Directory is a nondestructive testing and inspection product showcase viewed by thousands of NDT professionals every day, and will give your company qualified leads for inspection products and services.

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Triton Industrial Pipe Inspection Camera from  
The Triton heavy duty pipe inspection camera is made up of a mini reel that comes in lengths up to 200ft. This push rod is made with a kevlar braided probe to stand up to rugged industrial use. The probe is 7/8" in diameter, and the built in camera chip and LED lights are protected by a sapp...

Positector 200 from Defalsko  
The PosiTector 200 non-destructively measures a wide variety of applications using proven ultrasound technology. Measures coating thickness over wood, concrete, plastics, composites, metals and more. Advanced models measure up to 3 individual layer thicknesses in a multi-layer system and featu...

Windsor Probe Test System from James Instruments  
For in-place strength testing of normal and high-performance concrete. Applications: Form Removal Structural Analysis Light-weight concrete strength determination Standard concrete strength determination High-strength concrete strength determination High-precision determination ...

AutoMATE II from Rigaku Corporation  
Residual stress may be created during the manufacturing process of a material, or it may accumulate in a structure over many years in operation. In either case, this stress can have a serious negative effect on a product's quality, durability and lifetime. Accurate detection of residual stress...

Dolphin 3G from AcousticEye  
AcousticEye's breakthrough, non-invasive solution for today's hard-to-inspect tubes up to 4" inner diameter enables ultra-fast, accurate inspection of boilers, Fin Fans and other heat exchangers regardless of tube shape or material. Featuring patented Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) techno...

Super Thin Semi-Rigid Flexible Borescope from Medit Inc.  
This high resolution rigid scope is made with German optics to ensure the best quality image, in bright sharp detail. The probe is protected by a stainless steel sheath, and is water and oil proof. The sheath can be flexed slightly but not bent. The eye piece connects directly to c-mount vide...

Ultra Thing HQ Borescope from Medit Inc  
This ultra thin Fiberscope is built with German optics to ensure the highest quality. With a very small diameter of only 0.5mm this scope is built for inspections with extremely small access points. An advanced image bundle containing 3000 densely packed microscopic fibers provide a clean c...

Voyager Video Borescope from Medit Inc  
The Voyager is a cost effective option for standard inspections. Available in and 9.5mm diameters with a built in CMOS camera chip at the tip. The flex and stay probes come in 3 lengths (1,2 and 3 meters). Live images are shown on a 3.5 LCD monitor on the handheld base of the probe. Im...

Orion II Video Borescope from Medit Inc  
This light weight and portable videoscope is built to work with a wide range of videoprobes. These probes range in from 10mm to 4mm in diameter, with varying lengths and feilds of view, and all come with built in CMOS Camera Chips, and are water, oil, diesel and gasoline proof. 4 LED lights...

ISeries Articulating Video Borescope from Medit Inc  
This heavy duty 2 and 4 way articulating borescope is equipped with a water/oil/kerosene and aviation fuel proof, tungsten steel braided probe. The Sony CCD camera is built into the camera head along with bright ,etal halide light source for a crisp, high resulotion, well lit image, that is ...
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